The Message of General Secretary of Dhaka Taxes Bar Association

The Dhaka Taxes Bar Association (DTBA) is one of the renowned Bar Association in Bangladesh. It has been established in 1950. At Present, about 11,000 members of DTBA are contributing a lot to the National GDP of Bangladesh by practicing as a tax advisor. Every year DTBA plays a significant role for increasing collection of revenue of Bangladesh Government. We feel proud of being attached with Global Village by website which Largely helps in Searching the on-going day to day affairs. Case study, journals as and when needed. The use of the website will help tax advisor to explore and to provide update information At the same time, it will provide personal requirements like information about dues, Current affairs and other services of the association provided for members and litigants. I hope the learned members of the Dhaka Taxes Bar Association will avail these facilities To keep themselves update and to perform as a good tax advisor by using this website properly. Advocate Nasir Uddin Ahmed General Secretary Dhaka Taxes Bar Association